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Forward Domain Names, Domain Registration with FREE URL Forwarding

Forward Domain Names

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If you already own a domain name and would like to forward your domain to another site, continue reading.*
Domain Forwarding also known as URL Forwarding is a simple technique used to automatically redirect a domain name's visitors to a different Website. Domain Forwarding is used for a variety of reasons and is especially useful if you have a long complicated Web address. You simply register a domain name that is easy to remember (, for example) and then forward it to an existing site. It's that easy. Each domain you purchase at comes with FREE Domain Forward.
Forward your domain without masking will keep the site forwarded-to in the Web browser's address bar.
Domain Forwarding with Masking is a way to shield the address of a specific Website, while still allowing visitors access to the site. Masking prevents visitors from seeing the URL forwarding by keeping your domain name in the Web browser's address bar. So your visitors type in the Web browser's address bar and see the contents of the site, not the address. Below is an example of how you can configure forwarding, with and without masking.
Forward your domain with masking will keep your domain name in the Web browser's address bar.

Point your domain to another site

Point your domain with masking

Without masking it looks like this.

With masking it looks like this.

Domain Forwarding Example Domain Forwarding With Masking Example

This example shows you, how you can configure domain forwarding and direct visitors to another site

Forward to I have a domain. I already know this stuff - Take me to My Account)
How This Works Visitor Goes To Site Visitor Sees Address Bar Displays
Forward Disabled 
Forward w/o Masking 
Forward w/ Masking 

    How Do I Forward Domain Names?

    1. Log in to your Account Manager.
    2. Next to Domains, click Manage.
    3. In your list of domain names, use the checkboxes to select the domain name(s) that you want to forward.
    4. Above your list of domain names, move your mouse over the action you want to take (Forward).
    5. From the drop-down menu select the appropriate action (Forwarding Domains) and follow the procedure to make the modification.
      • You may also forward subdomains. For example, you could create a subdomain for online shopping called "shop" that is accessible through the URL When your visitors type into the Web browser's address bar, they are automatically redirected to the site that you designate as the forward to address.
    6. Select your Forward settings
      • Forward only — Forwards the domain without masking.
      • Forward with Masking — Prevents the forwarded domain name URL from displaying in the browser's address bar, and lets you enter Meta Tags for search engine crawlers in the following fields:
        • Title — Displays at the top of the browser window and in search results.
        • Description — A short description of your website to display in search engine results.
        • Keyword — A list of comma-separated keywords that describes the content and purpose of your website.

        Masking is incompatible with some sites that use https://, i.e. SSL certificates.

        Note: If you want your visitors to be able to go to your domain name with or without the www prefix, you need to forward your domain name to use www.

      • To automatically update your nameservers to accommodate your forwarding changes, check Update my nameservers and DNS setting to support this change.
    7. Click Add, and then click Save.
To utilize FREE Domain Name Forwarding, you must:
1. Have purchased your domain name through or transferred it to,
2. You must use our nameservers, and
3. Your domain name A record must be pointed to

Visit the FAQ section for details on Forwarding or Masking your domain name, click here.
For information on how to change name servers click here.

* You cannot forward or mask .tk, .dk or .ch domain names.

* Plus ICANN fee of 18¢/yr

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