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DOMAIN HOSTING - Get a FREE Website Domain with Hosting from Cheap Domain

Create A Website With Your Domain, Hosting Included

Get a 10 Year .COM $8.45*/yr! Use promo code 10yearCOM (see cart for details)

1yr 2yrs 3yrs 5yrs 10yrs
.COM $8.99* $8.99 $8.99 $8.99 $8.45
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Compare Website Builder, Managed WordPress and Web Hosting. If you want a FREE Website Domain, purchase a 1-year plan! Learn more.


All 1-year plans include a free .com, .net, .org,
website domain for 1 year. Compare prices.

It all starts with a domain name. Hosting your website domain on our hosting platform, just got a lot easier..

  1. Domain Name with 1-year Website Builder On Sale $1/mo
  2. Domain Name with 1-year Managed WordPress $5.99/mo
  3. Domain Name with 1-year Web Hosting $5.99/mo
  4. Plans: Website Builder - Basic, Web Hosting - Economy, Managed WordPress - Basic (these plans will work for business)
  5. Note: One free domain name is included for the first year.
  6. A Little History of the World Wide Web. How it all started, courtesy of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

    If you're here to create a website, want a domain name or hosting, Cheap Domain is here for you.

  1. Your Domain Name is what Internet users type into the Web Browser's address bar to locate your website. It's your address.
  2. Your Website is your "Home On The Web". It's where Internet users will find you, engage with you and do business with you.
  3. Web Hosting or domain hosting is simply housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. In a sense, you rent space on a web server machine to hold your site, which can be one or more web pages, that Web browser's display on a monitor.

    Create A Website with domain name and hosting included. We make it fast, easy and affordable.


COMPARE PLANS Limited Time Free Domain Offer ( I already know this stuff - Take me to Select a Plan)
Website Builder Managed WordPress Web Hosting(site builder not included)
Domain Name free with 12 month plan free with 12 month plan free with 12 month plan
Website 1 1 1
Web Hosting included included yes
Disk Space 1 GB 10 GB SSD 100 GB
Bandwidth 150 GB 25,000 monthly visitors unlimited +
Email Accounts n/a n/a see below 100 2
Website Pages unlimited + unlimited + unlimited +
Drag-and-drop site builder yes yes 1-click install n/a
FREE stock images yes royalty-free n/a
Personal Themes 50 yes n/a
Experience Level beginner beginner to intermediate intermediate to advanced
Set-up fees none none none
24/7 Support yes yes yes
See all plans Website Builder Managed WordPress Web Hosting
Website Builder: A website building tool that will enable you to create a website and publish your site on the Internet in a short amount of time. This website building/publishing tool is easy to use. You can build a complete Web site very quickly and then publish your Website on the Internet with the click of a button. You don't need any web design skills. You don't even need a File Transfer Program (FTP) to transfer your files to your free hosting account. The website tool does it all for you. You simply pick a ready-made website theme, add your content and publish your site on the Internet. It's as simple as point and click. The website themes are responsive, so your Web pages render well on all mobile devices. You end up with a fully functional website that is fast and easy to use. If you want to make changes to your new website, you can. For instance, if you have a shopping cart at "", you can create a text link for your website located at When customers click the link on your site they will be taken to your online store. There is also a built-in HTML editor which allows you to further customize pages of your Web site. For instance, you could Create a Payment Button that links to your PayPal account and accept payments online. When you are satisfied with your site, simply click Publish. Your new "Home On The Web", will be live within 48 hours.

Managed WordPress: WordPress is the most popular website publishing platform on the planet, a powerful content management system (CMS), capable of delivering vast quantities of data at lightning fast speeds across the Internet, used by millions of website owners to create amazing websites blogs and apps. Managed WordPress Hosting from is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of constant updates and technical adjustments, giving you a level of speed and security you can’t get from a standard Web hosting plan. Setting up WordPress.

There is an abundance of free themes, widgets and plug-ins available for the WordPress platform that make building a website easier than ever before. For instance, if you want a Visual Editor (Drag & Drop Page Builder) that will enable you to fully customize your site in WordPress without writing code, there are many options available. Free themes and plugins can be found at will host your WordPress website or blog on servers, built specifically for the WordPress platform, seamlessly connected to the latest version of WordPress, optimized for speed, reliability and security of your site. Even the Basic Managed WordPress Hosting plan includes, account setup, WordPress core updates, nightly backups, DDoS protection and more.

Email for WordPress: Email is only available through cPanel or Plesk (control panels) used for managing domains, websites, email and various other control panel functions. Managed WordPress uses the WordPress Dashboard to manage your site. cPanel and Plesk are only available on our Web Hosting plans. If you want to set up email on your domain name, you will need to purchase a separate Email Plan or purchase a Web Hosting plan and install WordPress on that plan. WordPress is free open -source software and installs easily in cPanel or Plesk. The trade off: Managed WordPress is a "Managed" WordPress hosting account. All the technical minutia is done for you. For instance, you get free account setup, WordPress core updates, nightly backups, DDoS protection, optimized servers just for the WordPress platform and more. If you want the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of constant updates and technical adjustments, Managed WordPress is definitely the way to go. If you decide to go it alone, you will miss out on these important features. Here is a guide to using WordPress.

Unlike Website Builder where almost everything is done-for-you, WordPress is a little more hands on and will take some time getting use to, there is a slight learning curve. Wordpress will take a little longer to get your site online, but you have a lot more flexibility to fully customize your Wordpress site. Also, WordPress has a vibrant online community of web developers that build free web applications just to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website. With WordPress, if you can imagine it, there is probably a widget or plug-in that will do it. Combine the power of WordPress with the abundance of available themes, plugins and widgets, to create an awesome website limited only by your creative power. Little wonder why millions of sites (more than a quarter of all websites), use WordPress to manage their online presence. Managed WordPress from comes with a 99.9% uptime, money back guarantee.

Web Hosting: We may use the terms, web hosting, website hosting, domain hosting or hosting, interchangeably throughout this website. Web Hosting simply refers to a method of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. In the most basic sense, without a thorough understanding of numerical Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, here's how it works. A website consists of one or more website files. A Web Hosting provider will store your website files on a Host Computer also called a web server machine. Every Web server on the Internet has a unique numerical (IP) address. Every domain name is assigned a (DNS) address, based on the server's address. To view your website from anywhere in the world, a visitor opens the Web browser and types your domain name into the Web browser's address bar. The Web server receives the request from the Web browser, translates the domain name into it's corresponding web address on the server, finds your website, sends it back to the Web browser and your website is displayed on a monitor. You pay a fee to use the service. In a sense you rent space on the server to store your website files. The Web Hosting provider will also maintain the web server to insure that, among other things the server is running smoothly and your website stays online. You create, manage and maintain the source code of all your files. offers some of the cheapest hosting you'll find. But that doesn't mean we're cheap. Our web hosting plans at $5.99/mo stand toe-to-toe with the best, so don't just think cheap. We're an affordable high-performance hosting provider, big difference, we're not cheap. If it's hosting, Cheap Domain has a Hosting Plan that will suit your business and fit your budget. We bring a ton of experience to the table. All Cheap Domain Hosting plans come standard with Best-of-breed routers, firewalls and servers that include 24/7 on-site security. Built for speed, reliability and performance our Hosting plans are designed to keep your website online, all the time. Cheap Domain Hosting plans come with built-in security. Our Hosting plans include DDoS protection, monitoring for fraud, virus and spam protection as well as database backup/restore, more.. With multiple world-class data centers around the globe you can be assured your website is up and running 99.9% of the time, we guarantee it. Whether it's a website domain, hosting, software or service has you covered.

Website Domains: At Cheap Domain you can purchase a Website Domain for as little as $8.99/yr*! That's our regular price for a com domain name. The domain registration term is 1-year and you get complete control over the domain name, as well as full use of of your website domain, subject to the terms of the domain name registration agreement. When you register a domain at Cheap Domain, you may register the name up to the maximum term of 10-years. If you decide to purchase your website domain for a period of less than 10-years, you may renew your domain name at the then regular domain renewal price. Cheap Domain offers a free domain name with the purchase of a qualifying plan. This FREE Domain offer is subject to certain restrictions and limitations. If you opt for a free domain with any one of the plans listed here, your domain will renew until canceled at the then regular renewal rate. You may turn off the auto-renewal feature for any product at anytime in the Domain Manager. Cheap domain includes one free domain for the first year in the, .com, .net or .org suffixes. In order to qualify for this offer your Domain name must be added to the cart before purchase and the term length (maximum 3-years) must be equal to or less than the term of the product plan. If you register a domain name for a term longer the the product plan, you will be charged for the additional registration years. You may also add privacy to your domain name for $1.95/yr up to the maximum term of 10-years. Domain privacy will also renew at the then regular renewal rate, which today is $7.95/yr. If you register your domain for 10-years and you are considering adding privacy, you should do so at time of domain registration. This will save you money on domain privacy renewal fees, for the length of time added. Whether you purchase your name at Cheap Domain or elsewhere it's important to know the domain renewal costs. This makes up the bulk of the costs of owning domain names. Cheap Domain renewal fees are some of the lowest you'll find on the web.

Which plan is right for me?

Website Builder is like buying salad in the bag at the local grocer. You get exactly what you want with very little effort having to prepare your salad. Sure you may add vinegar and oil, maybe a little salt and pepper, but basically you get what you want right out of the bag. Includes Free Hosting.

Managed WordPress is like buying your fruits and vegetables at your local grocer and preparing your salad just the way you like. It takes a little longer but you have the flexibility to pick and choose as you like. AND there's a vibrant online community of web devs with many Free 1-click web applications available.

Web Hosting is all together different. Here your salad is prepared with ingredients from your garden. First you have to prepare the soil for planting, next you plant, water and attend to your garden in preparation for harvest. If you've prepared the soil properly, planted the right seeds and tended to your garden, when harvest finally arrives several months later, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. From preparing the garden to food on the table is a labor of love and it takes time. Building your own website and selecting the right web hosting provider to store the files you've created is similar to gardening. You get the idea?

Which plan should I choose? That depends, if you buy your salad in the bag then Website Builder should be just fine. If you like to mix and match fresh ingredients, then WordPress may be the right choice. If you prefer fruits and veggies from your own garden, you may want a shared Web Hosting plan.

Select a Plan

Website Builder
From $1.00 /month
  • FREE Domain and Hosting (12/mo plan)

Managed WordPress
From $5.99 /month
  • FREE Domain with Hosting (12/mo plan)

Web Hosting
From $5.99 /month
  • FREE Domain with Hosting (12/mo plan)

About is an online business where you can purchase a domain name, as well as many other high end products and services that enable you to get online quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere.. We offer many of the same products and services that some of the largest online retailers offer. We bring these same products and services to you at prices well below retail market value. We also provide 24/7 support, so you'll always get the best U.S. Based Support available. If this is your first visit to and you would like to purchase a domain name, we invite you to check us out. Our domain registration prices are some of the lowest prices anywhere. For example, you can purchase .com domain names for only $8.99*/yr! The current price to renew your Cheap Domain name, is still only $8.99*/yr! At we want to help you in your endeavor to succeed in business and online. For anyone looking to maintain an active presence on the Internet, it all starts with a domain name.
All Domains Include
  • FREE Domain Forwarding/Masking
  • FREE Email Forwarding (100 pack)
  • FREE Domain Locking
  • FREE Change of registration (.com, .net, .org)
  • FREE DNS Management
  • FREE 24/7 U.S. Based Support
  • FREE Parked Page
  • Auto Renew Protection
  • Hosting Sales & Support - (480) 624-2500
  • Email Support
Your website is hosted in World-class data centers with *99.9% uptime guarantee
‡, ‡‡, ‡‡‡, 2, +, °, °°, ††, ^ Click here for product disclaimers and legal policies.
Upon termination of the Services, all free products provided as part of the Services will be canceled or revoked.
Third-party logos and marks are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

* Plus ICANN fee of 18¢/yr

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